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Manuta Chemical Consulting, Inc.

Manuta Chemical Consulting, Inc. was incorporated in 1998.

The Application of Fundamental Chemical Principles to Solve Problems.

To Solve Problems That Aren’t in Any Book.

Have I applied my knowledge to help those who under other circumstances wouldn’t be able to help themselves?.

Manuta Chemical Consulting, Inc. is listed with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Directory of Consultants and Expert Witnesses, the Association of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers (ACC&CE), and the National Forensic Center (NFC).

Manuta Chemical Consulting, Inc. has been active in the following activities:

Professional Expert Witnessing Experience

  • Defense Investigating Expert in an on-going criminal case in Pike County (Waverly, OH).
  • Plaintiff Fire Expert in an on-going civil case in Pinellas County (St. Petersburg, FL).
  • Plaintiff Fire Expert in an on-going Insurance Subrogation case in Yavapai County (Sedona, AZ).
  • Plaintiff Fire Expert in an on-going civil case in Meigs County (Pomeroy, OH).
  • Plaintiff Chemical Expert in an on-going civil case in Nassau County (Malverne, NY).
  • Plaintiff Expert in drug intoxication case in municipal court (Chillicothe, OH). Defendant Pled Guilty
  • Defense Chemical/Scientific Expert in a criminal case in Pike County (Waverly, OH). Defendant Acquitted
  • Defense Scientific Expert in a civil case in Jackson County (Oak Hill, OH). Case Settled
  • Plaintiff Chemical/Scientific Expert in illegal drug manufacturing cases in Pike County (Waverly, OH).
  • Plaintiff Scientific Expert in a chemical exposure case in Maverick County (Eagle Pass, TX). Case Settled
  • Plaintiff Scientific Expert in on-going Workers Compensation cases involving exposure to hazardous chemicals and radiation at the federal nuclear facility in Pike County (Piketon, OH).
  • Plaintiff Chemical Expert in a criminal case in Guernsey County (Cambridge, OH). Defendant Convicted
  • Defense Fire Expert in a criminal case in Lawrence County (Ironton, OH). Case Settled
  • Plaintiff Hazardous Chemicals Expert in an on-going civil case in Franklin County (Columbus, OH) involving the alleged occupational inhalation of toxic chemicals at a steel mill.
  • Plaintiff Fire/Explosion Expert in Insurance Subrogation case in Lawrence County (New Castle, PA) involving the explosion of a fireworks magazine in close proximity to a residential neighborhood. Case Settled
  • Continue to support Plaintiff (real estate developer) in Lyon County (Yerington, NV) hearing to revoke the Special Use Permit granted to Advanced Specialty Gases (ASG). (The nitrogen trifluoride manufacturer has had multiple releases of toxic materials to the environment.) The Lyon County Board of Commissioners voted 3-2 to revoke ASG's Special Use Permit in 2001 (initial) and 2003 (sustain revocation).
  • Plaintiff Chemical Sensitivity Expert in an on-going civil case in southeastern Kentucky. (Plaintiff is deceased.)
  • Plaintiff Chemical Sensitivity Expert in a Workers Compensation case in Columbus, OH. Case Settled
  • Plaintiff Explosion/Fire Expert in a Defective Product case in suburban New York City. Case Settled
  • Plaintiff Fire Expert in an Insurance Subrogation case in Hamilton County (Cincinnati, OH). Case Settled
  • Defense Fire Expert in Angela Garcia case (capital arson) in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland, OH). Hung Jury
  • Plaintiff Slip/Fall Expert in Jacqueline Nelson case in Baltimore, MD. Case Dismissed
Professional Consulting Assignments and Affiliations
  • Consultant on production and specification issues at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant in western Kentucky.
  • Expert on possible arsenic contamination in soils for City of Coppell, Coppell, TX
  • Expert on Industrial and Scientific Issues with Inter City Testing & Consulting, Corporation, Mineola, NY.
  • Consulting Chemist for Aames Security Corporation, Long Beach, CA.
  • Chemical and Environmental Consultant for Vertical Horizons One, Inc., Newark, OH.
  • Senior Consulting Expert for Boson Technology Resources, LLC, Westerville, OH.
  • Consulting Scientific Expert for Clever Investigations, Inc., Jackson, OH.
  • Consulting Chemical, Fire, and Industrial Expert for Leading Tech Forensic, Fayette, OH.
  • Expert on Industrial and Scientific Issues with Round Table Group, Inc., Chicago, IL.
  • Reviewer of Federal Grant Proposals in the Physical Sciences for the Lytmos Group, LLC, Lee’s Summit, MO.
  • Consultant on Aluminum Ignition to Scientific Panel Investigating September Eleventh (London, ON, Canada).
  • Consultant on the Replacement of trans Fats/Oils in Salty/Snack Foods for a Chicago, IL-based marketing firm.
  • Consultant on Introducing High End OTC Skin Care Products to US Market for above Chicago, IL-based firm.
  • Evaluated Solvent for Cleaning Gas Masks for a Boca Raton, FL-based manufacturer.
  • Consultant on Process Improvement issues with Solidscape, Inc. Merrimack, NH.
  • Evaluated Paints and Coatings for a New York, NY-based manufacturer.
Invited Professional Presentations
  • Presentation on “Historical and Scientific Aspects of Global Warming”, Waverly (Bristol Village), OH.
  • Presentations on “Adventures in ‘Real World’ Chemistry” in Binghamton, NY, Boston, MA, and Oneonta, NY.
  • Presentation on “Applications of Chemical Education in the ‘Real World’” in Philadelphia, PA.
Significant Professional Industrial Consulting Experiences
  • Write MSDS documents for chemical suppliers and waste handlers (pertechnetyl fluoride).
  • Principal investigator and consultant on unusual occurrences in the chemical industry (investigation into an industrial aluminum fire).
  • Problem solver and consultant on chemical aspects of complex industrial operation (improved efficiency).
  • Recommendation of proper materials for various applications in large industrial settings (e.g., roofing materials, environmentally friendly detergents, water chemicals, and floor coatings).
  • Laboratory methods development and writing (e.g., approved ASTM standards).
  • Expertise in applying thermodynamic principles to chemical industry processes (deduce the probabilities of certain chemical reactions taking place).
  • Expertise in the application of electrochemistry to chemical industry processes (oxidation-reduction chemistry of transition metals and uranium).
  • Expertise in applying structure and bonding principles to chemical industry processes (optimizing trapping materials).
  • Interpretation of spectroscopic data to support chemical industry processes (use of on-line instrumentation for process monitoring).
  • Developed underlying theory for the application of one of a kind instrumentation (various on-line analyzers).
  • Active involvement in replacing ozone depleting and global warming industrial coolants.
  • Recommended chemical sealant for conservation of industrial coolant.
  • Knowledgeable in the chemistry of radioactive elements (e.g., technetium and uranium).
  • Experienced in the safe handling of strong oxidants (including fluorine-bearing materials).
  • Experienced in the use of vacuum manifold systems for handling corrosive and hazardous gases.
  • Experienced in the use of electronic databases and the Internet for locating useful data.
  • Experienced in working in a regulated environment (e.g., Nuclear Regulatory Commission).


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